Ignore the Lens Louse

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Many decades ago during the infancy of television, journalist HG was employed by International News Service/International News Photos (long absorbed by United Press–thus UPI). For INP, HG wrote a TV news program illustrated by still photos (known as “telops”). Very primitive. TV news improved. “Telops” were gone and HG went on to other news chores. HG got to know many illustrious news photographers. They all had a distaste for “lens louses”, individuals who managed to squeeze into every photo opportunity. Fortunately, when the film went into the darkroom they were cropped out (That is, when they were on the periphery of the photo. Alas, they often managed to weasel their way into the center.) The nutbag fascist who occupied the White House was the ultimate “lens louse.” An egomaniac, he wallowed in publicity. The media thought that he was laughable but his outrageous statements and preening persona made lively copy and TV spots. The media made the loudmouth lying fascist an omnipresent image. It projected him into his “reality” TV show. Okay, he’s gone. Our democracy has survived (barely). My message to the media: Ignore the fascist. He will continue to do and say destructive things in order to get print, internet and TV exposure. Ignore him. Let him wither away in his gloomy narcissistic loneliness.

Sensational Short Ribs

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Yes, BSK is a culinary phenomenon. It’s cold and windy (some snow flurries) at HG/BSK’s up-north, oceanfront home on Prince Edward Island.(Borders with USA are closed and HG/BSK await their vaccinations as they stay safe from the pandemic). BSK meets the weather challenges by preparing nightly dinners that warm the body and bring joy to the spirits. Tonight it was savory, lush short ribs accompanied by grits (to soak up the abundant wine scented gravy) and a side dish of sweet peas and mushrooms. In BSK’s trusty Creuset, BSK simmered the short ribs (for hours) in a mix of onions, garlic (much), carrots, celery, red wine (four cups) and a container of pho broth (for a fleeting hint of lemongrass). Drank much Canadian red wine, a lusty beverage that enhanced the robust dish. HG has a question. Why are short ribs so expensive ? Never mind. They’re worth it.

Patriot Again

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Yes, HG felt like an American patriot on the joyous day of the Biden/Harris inauguration. Democracy, that fragile, humane political idea, still lives!! Joe Biden’s speech was moving, healing.Hopefully, wounds will heal and we can go forward (won’t be easy). Kamala Harris looked beautiful and her vice-presidency (a Black/Asian woman in the White House) is historic, timely and wonderful. And, there seems to be truly warm rapport between her and her Jewish husband. Hey, with a Jewish senator from Georgia and a mensch married to a Veep, things are looking up for the Chosen People. Flags, music, brilliant poetry from a very young Poet Laureate. Rousing songs from Garth Brooks, Lady Gaga and J-Lo. Wonderful military precision from marchers that symbolized America’s might. The Fascist stench is leaving the White House and, once more, HG is proud to be an American.

Introducing Risotto

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HG/BSK learned, to their surprise, that BSK’s sister, Noel, and husband Yossi, had never tasted risotto. This creamy, comforting Italian rice dish is a favorite dinner choice for HG/BSK. It’s time consuming since it demands some 30 minutes of stirring hot chicken broth into a mix of onions, canarolli (or arborio) rice which have browned in olive oil. Each ladle of broth must be absorbed before adding another. Following Italian tradition, the stirring is done by a male (yes, it does take some patience and dexterity). So, on Sunday night dinner with Noel and Yossi, HG cooked the risotto. BSK sauteed chopped spinach and sliced cremini mushrooms. This was added to the risotto along with a hunk of butter and plentiful parmesan. All stirred together and showered with ground black pepper. Noel and Yossi were overjoyed. With good appetite, they had second and third helpings. Only a small amount of risotto was left over. Mixed with beaten egg, there will be risotto “pancakes” for lunch. Topped with sour cream, these are a treat.

Paul Freeman

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Paul Freeman, 71, HG’s beloved nephew, is dead. He lost his battle–probably the only struggle he ever lost–with a brutally painful cancer. Thankfully, the pain is over and he rests in peace. HG/BSK watched a Zoom of his funeral and were touched by the unlimited love his family had for him and the grief brought about by his passing. Some 20 years older than Paul, HG knew him since his childhood. Paul went through many stages in his life. A warm and loving person, he was no saint. He had to overcome many challenges. And, he did. His devotion to his family never wavered. HG spent much time with young Paul in New York, New Jersey, Fire Island. Always enjoyed his brave, lively, entertaining presence. As time went on, Paul became a very successful investor and real estate developer. HG invested in one of Paul’s land deals and made a generous profit, of course. Paul was a major investor in the New York restaurants of HG’s daughter, Victoria. She was very fond of Paul and described him as the best investor she ever had. HG presumes Paul wrote substantial checks and then let Victoria do her thing. Very typical of Paul. Mies van der Rohe, the great architect, said “God is in the details.” Paul was obsessive about details. This was evident in all the developments and businesses he was associated with. This obsession created lasting quality. His most ambitious project was the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta. Many difficulties. Paul overcame them and the hotel is an ornament of Atlanta, the city Paul loved. (And, the apartment in the St. Regis he shared with wife, Viki, can only be described as a high rise palazzo). As HG aged, Paul was concerned about HG’s health. HG relished the sound of Paul’s southern voice as he inquired: “Hey, Uncle Gerry, how are you doing?” Paul and Viki’s philanthropies were generous. Viki was always Paul’s stalwart and supportive wife through many decades of marriage. A gallant woman, HG/BSK knows that she and the Freeman family will cherish Paul’s memory (as will HG/BSK). Typical of Paul and Viki, they visited HG/BSK in New Mexico to celebrate HG’s 90th birthday. Photo is of Paul and Viki with HG on Prince Edward Island in 2018. We consumed oysters, drank wine and had, as always, gleeful family time.

Waste Not. Want Not.

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HG’s late mother, Ida Kopkind Freeman, lived by this philosophy as she cooked for her family during the dark days of the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Leftovers were never thrown away. They were the basis for subsequent meals. This might explain HG’s aversion to leftovers (not shared by BSK or HG/BSK’s brilliant son in law, Massimo R.). BSK shares the “waste not, want not” attitude with BSK’s late mother in law. Witness what BSK does with a plump spatchcocked chicken. BSK roasts it to a golden brown. The dark meat, wings and drumsticks are delicious with their accompaniment of gravy drenched Prince Edward Island potatoes. The chicken breast is reserved and goes into warming dinner bowls of pho the next day (besides chicken and broth, the pho gets a mix of onions,carrot shavings, garlic, tofu, baby spinach, jalapenos, parsley and lots of wide Chinese rice noodles. Not all of the chicken breast is used for the pho. Some go into luncheon chicken Reubens. Remaining are the bony chicken carcass, chicken skin, the chicken backbone (removed by BSK during the spatchcocking maneuver) and a few stray bones and bits of meat. It all goes into a pot of boiling water with onion, carrots, garlic, celery and parsley. The refrigerator contents are examined by BSK and added to the pot are over the hill greens and vegetables. After hours of simmering and then straining, what emerges is the best chicken stock ever. Pungent. Layers of flavor. Lush. BSK uses the stock in a variety of ways. HG likes the stock in Stracciatella, the Italian soup of cheese, parsley and beaten egg.. Nothing is left of the chicken but happy memories. Inventive and thrifty BSK is a culinary wonder.

Sammy’s Closes: Oy Vey !!

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Sad, sad news. Sammy’s Roumanian, the New York temple of chicken fat (schmaltz), garlic and vodka has closed. Owners say they will reopen in another location. Won’t be the same as the ramshackle basement on the corner of Chrystie and Delancey on the lower east side. Pete Wells, in a 2014 review (New York Times), called Sammy’s “the most wonderful terrible restaurant in New York.” He added: “Sammy’s is a permanent underground bar mitzvah where Gentiles can act like Jews and Jews can act like themselves.” SJ and HG loved Sammy’s (BSK turned thumbs down). Fueled by vodka enclosed in a block of ice, SJ/HG relished chopped liver (drenched in schmaltz), garlic and schmaltz tenderloin steaks; chopped eggplant (with schmaltz, of course), silver dollar potatoes, kasha varnishkes. Danced the hora. Roared Yiddish songs played by the pianist. Drunk, jolly, Jewish good time. Sammy’s opened in the 1970s and gave its patrons cardiology problems for decades. R.I.P.

It Can (did) Happen Here

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Disgrace. Trump American Nazis occupy the Senate (one sits in vice president’s chair) and House. of Representatives. This is what the USA has become after four years of an unspeakable President. This leads HG to wonder. What if these Nazis had been African-Americans protesting centuries of oppression and slavery? HG’s conclusion: There would be many black faces in heaven.

Happy 2021

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HG/BSK are not big time New Year’s Eve celebrators. Too much frenzy and drunkenness. So, happy to be alone in HG/BSK’s Prince Edward Island home. Wood stove warmed and BSK’s cuisine delighted. Dinner was Moroccan chicken stew simmered with preserved lemons and served over fluffy couscous. Drank pinot noir and clinked glasses with toasts of love and hope. New Year’s Day was a long, delightful day of college bowl football. Surprisingly, all of HG’s favorite teams won. Georgia won a nail biter over surprising Cincinnati. Northwestern demolished Auburn. Alabama beat Notre Dame. No contest. Finale was Ohio State battling favored Clemson. Ohio State demolished Clemson with a record performance by quarterback Justin Fields (he threw six touchdown passes). Dinner was an HG delight: Linguine with garlic, anchovies and chopped parsley. Marked a perfect day.

Latkes A La BSK

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Many years ago in New York, there was a pleasant restaurant, Swiss Chalet, which served, of course, Swiss dishes. HG ate there often and always ordered “roesti”, Swiss fried potatoes. They came in the form of a lacy crisp (but juicy) pancake. HG judged these the best fried potatoes in the world. BSK brought back their memory on Christmas Eve. While son Jeremy and his family were eating better than Katz’s pastrami at their Freeman Shokudo restaurant in Tokyo and the Riva family was enjoying a Russ & Daughters “Feast of the Seven (okay, five) Jewish Fishes” in New Mexico, BSK made a platter of latkes. Wonderful. Close to “roesti.” The latkes were covered with red salmon caviar delivered by Tastes of the Homeland international grocery in Moncton, New Brunswick. Topped with sour cream and accompanied by icy vodka and Gahan Red Ale, this was a true holiday treat. BSK drank white wine but, being a locavore, soon switched to the Gahan product, artfully brewed on Prince Edward Island.

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