So, what’s Hungry Gerald About?

It’s about restaurants–present and past. It’s about wine. It’s about food–classy and peasant. It’s about me and my sixty years as a journalist and publicist busily overeating and drinking to the point of incoherence. However…in this blog Hungry Gerald will use restraint.

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  • Freeman Shore says:

    Love the subject(food and drink) and the story about your fabulous wife bikini and all. Thanks for letting me know about you blog. Don’t worry about restraint.


  • Peter Hellman says:

    My, oh my. I recall a scholarly letter to the editor you wrote years ago, Gerald, on the subject of egg creams. It was reasonably entertaining and informative. And quite sedate. But now, in your new blog, I detect, and relish, the barb of your wit, and the glimmers into what is surely one of the world’s most sexually attuned psyches.

    Bring it on and on and on!

  • Jamie says:

    Gerry I love the blog and I’m sending the link to everyone I know. I may even include Steven Morris on the list. Just to make him crazy I think.

    I have a staff issue here at work. The office is down to myself, Erin and a part time shipper and Erin has just informed me that she is leaving at the end of the year. I am busily trying to find a replacement for her and if I can get one soon and have her train them I will still be able to make Paris. But for now I am not sure it will happen for me. I will know more in a few weeks if I can find a good replacement for her.

    I know I am being a bit of a flake on this and I appologize if I am fucking up your plans. I hope to have this sorted soon.


  • Caroline Greeven says:

    Hi Hungry Gerald,
    I found your blog through Single Ape, and started reading only to realize we are both in Santa Fe – fantastic! I just moved here and have no idea where to eat or what to do. Looking forward to finding some excellent suggestions as I read through.
    Hope you’re well,

    • Gerry says:

      Nice to hear from you, I will be doing Santa Fe (and environs) reviews shortly.
      Have little confidence in local reviewers. There are some good places,however.
      I love a Japanese place,Shohko Cafe (just off Guadalupe). If you want specific advice you can e-mail me at and I will try to be helpful. Enjoy the City Different

  • Well, Gerald – about time! We (the massive GF fan club) have been hungry for your culinary thoughts, passions, brilliance, delights, raves, and ravings. And now we can get them every day. How extremely delicious! So I am giving thanks this week for you and this blog. Stevie

  • Bob Judd says:

    There is no better companion at any dinner table than Gerry Freeman. A long time guzzler and wolfer myself, Gerry always bring class to the table and beauty too when Sharon joins in. May your blog lure throngs and you find a bigger typeface.



  • Bruce Maguire says:

    When I started working for Hungry Gerald 30+ years ago, I embarked upon decades of post-graduate work in the nuances of many topics: press agentry, how to tell a tremendously off-color joke without offending anyone, the admiration of the female anatomy, the works of Phillip Roth, cashing in on real estate booms and how to enjoy life to its fullest. My favorite course was always “Food and Restaurants” and I’m thrilled that I can stay current with my mentor from afar! And I look forward to visitng the Hungry and the Beautiful so I can get a first hand tour of their kitchen and the Santa Fe restaurants!


    The Proud Owner of Freeman PR, Totowa, NJ

  • Ed Rau says:

    Enjoy Food & therefore enjoy your blog. Met you at Williams last nite & it seemed as if you could get “political”. Have at it! Ed

  • carol payne says:

    ok gerry,let’s hear about the memorable montclair feasts! also remember stretch”s chickes in bloomfield/newark? i thought you were lost but now you are found!

    • Gerry says:

      Hearing from you is a true holiday gift. The eccentric Belmont Tavern in Belleville,N.J. and its gorgeous garlicky Stretch’s chicken….happy memory. Saveur Magazine recently did a piece on the dish complete with recipe. Tried to replicate it. Good…but not the real Stretcheroo. Maybe because there was no long-legged, adorable Carol to share it with us.
      HG is preparing some posts on Montclair/Joisey cuisine. Keep tuned. Meanwhile–Kisses to you and Dick from HG and Beautiful Sharon.

      • Bruce says:

        The Belmont Tavern survives, with salty waitresses, pinky-ringed bar-tenders (and -attenders), red-checkered tablecloths, photos of famous visitors (sans HG) and the odd, but tasty Pot Cheese dish. Alas, while Stretch’s Chicken is still on the menu, it’s not the same since the chef named Stretch took his frying pan and headed west to Livingston to open a restaurant named Stretch’s right on Route 10 near Livingston Ave.

        • Gerry says:

          HG thought the original Stretch went to goombah heaven. This faux Stretch is an obvious imposter. Closest HG has come to Stretch’s masterpiece is Filipino adobo chicken. Google NY Times for recipe.

  • Yuliya says:

    You have a great blog here! I love the content!

  • Thanks for sharing, I like this blog!

  • Robert says:

    Your blog has been selected for my new recommended blog list.

  • Ina Gustafsen says:

    Sounds like a great time with your lovely grand daughters. Murphy and I just finished PEI mussels moving on to gazpacho and scallops. Miss you both will call when we are back in town

  • MC Grammar says:

    MC Grammar loves this Blog!

  • Eric Kent says:

    Holy Shit! So, I’m doing a little Google research on Smoked Paprika. I’ve visited a few sites and found some pretty good information. I decide to narrow it down a little and type in Pimenton. Lo and Behold 4 or 5 links in and I end up at your site. I saw your photo and thought “Oh that looks like Gerry”. Fantastic. What a small world. It has been a long time and much has happened over the years since we last saw each other. I hope You, Sharon, Leslie and Jeremy are all well and enjoying life in the same way I always remember you enjoying life. I’m confident you are. You were all always so inspiring. Very, very best to all of you. Eric Kent

  • Gerald – what a lovely cameo I play in your recollection of our lunch at Cookshop. What was more delicious? Lunch with you and BSK? The incredible food? The kindness of Vicki and Marc? The sunny happy ripe day in June? Thank you for chronicling it so beautifully. And sharing it with me and now with your readers. Big kisses!

  • Amy says:

    Thanks for writing about Paul & Jimmy’s, as it was in its heyday. Jimmy Delgado was a friend of my father’s, and I have many wonderful childhood memories of family dinners there. A friend ate there last night and was severely disappointed, so it’s nice to see confirmation of my (now) ancient memories …

  • Ivan Solotaroff says:

    HG — was researching UWS eateries for a screenplay and came upon my father’s name. Do you have, or can you direct me to a decent cache of USW photos from, say, 1955-65. Was hoping for a montage for the opening credits. In a way, the more undistinguished the better.
    Enjoying your writing.

  • Sara White says:

    Have you any info on — Weinberg’s Candy Store. Her sons marketed Mrs. Weinberg’s chopped liver and it was sold throughout the USA? Such memories this woman created with her fabulous cooking in a Candy Store on 169th Street and Sheridan Avenue in The Bronx.

    • Gerry says:

      Wow, Sara, you awakened a taste bud memory. I remember the chopped liver and it was splendid. Alas, have no other information. However, I’m going to order some chopped liver from Russ & Daughters, buy a challeh at Whole Foods, slice a sweet onion, have some kosher salt and black pepper at hand, take a bottle of Polish potato vodka out of the freezer and do some very unhealthy fressing and drinking beneath the loving but disapprroving gaze of my wife.

  • Larry says:

    Ah yes, the Tower Deli, On Kingsbridge Road, Bronx, NY.My uncle took me there back in the late 60’s early 70’s, when i was a child. The Chicken Soup was a blast!!!!

  • Louis M. Weinberg says:

    Does anyone remember a little French Restaurant on Broadway in the late 1940’s on the Southeast corner of 76th,77th or 78th St.?

    • Gerry says:

      The only French restaurant øn the West Side (when I lived there in the 60’s and early 70’s) was Fleur de Lis which was in the 60’s west of Broadway.

  • Ellie Cella says:

    Hi Gerry-

    Awhile back you put me in touch with Terry Hunt who was researching my family history. I wanted to let you know that today I received a copy of the magazine with his published article about Christ Cella. I consider it a true blessing, and it was all possible because you connected us. I thank you for your passion, and I was pleased to find that you are still writing. Do you live in Santa Fe? i have family there too (mom’s side) I visit in the summer. Send me an email if you like, it would be great to hear from you.

  • I am also a Gerald. Happily married to an amazing chef.

  • Richard Klinger says:

    So… I’ve found you. Much to catch up on. Hope you and Sharon are well. Santa Fe? You’ve been around a lot, Gerry. Can’t wait to talk. I’ll call.


  • Laura Silver says:

    Hello Hungry Gerald.

    Nice to discover your blog.

    I noticed that you have a chunk of information about Mrs. Gussie Schwebel that seems to come verbatim from my research and writing.

    While I am flattered to see my work reproduced, reproducing without attribution smacks of plagiarism. I ask that you please credit me, my book as follows — from Knish: In Search of the Jewish Soul Food (Brandeis) with a link to my site, or remove the information immediately.

    I spent ten years researching the knish about about 300 hours researching Mrs. Schwebel alone and so would be most grateful for your prompt response and correct attribution.

    My thanks.
    Laura Silver

  • Molly says:

    Hello, Neighbors.
    Glad to see the delicious foods you have been making from all the lovely PEI ingredients. Yes, BSK is a wonderful cook.
    It is good to be back.

  • Isabella Lorenc says:

    Dear Hungry Gerald,

    I am a Journalist from Toronto. What brought me here is my obsession with social history and your memories of New York and its culinary delights. Your Blog is terrific. Your writing is colorful, funny and wise. Thank You.

  • Isabella Lorenc says:

    Dear Hungry Gerald,

    I am very happy that you are happy. Safe travels to you and BSK.


  • Bill Berkowitz says:

    Hi Hungry Gerald,
    My name is Bill Berkowitz. I am the Bronx-born son of Leo Berk, who owned the Waverly Lounge in the Hotel Earle. In the middle 1960s I often worked waiting on tables while the incomparable Laurie Brewis played the piano. I was wondering whether you have memories of the Waverly Lounge and whether you knew my father.
    My very best,
    Bill Berkowitz

    • Gerry says:

      You have brought back happy memories. Yes, I knew Leo Berk. Lovely man. Could be tough if a customer got drunk and rowdy. Laurie Brewis was a delight. Enjoyed his vocals on Noel Coward tunes. Waverly Lounge is firmly lodged in my memory bank.

  • Ken Koppel says:

    So if you’re Googling and happen to mash together gribenes and white truffles, you’re likely to come across Hungry Gerald. And I did.

    Could this be my first boss (other than the drugstore owner for whom I delivered prescriptions in Washington Heights and swept floors at age 13 and who memorably asked ‘Do you know why they call this a PUSH broom?’)

    Throw in the lovely Sharon and it’s got to be Gerry Freeman. Only about 15 years older than my 22 in the 1960’s at Freeman Halpern Maisel, but a world ahead of me as a NY sophisticate; knowledgeable and at ease in any restaurant, always sharply dressed, and intimate of the city’s real estate elite.

    Gerry, I stumbled across your blog, have enjoyed reading it and want to pass along greetings. I enjoyed working for you and am happy that life has been treating you well.

    We’re snowbirds, migrating from NYC to South Beach with a touch of California wine country. But to this day I can’t wander midtown without flashbacks: humm, another Sheldon Solow project (wonder if he’s still yelling for Mrs. Fuchs)…and, until, recently, Jerry Cohen’s William 1 docked near our little trawler in Sag Harbor. And then there’s Leona Mindy Roberts—pre Helmsley but mean as a snake even after she landed on the front of the Times Sunday RE section.

    You made it happen.

    All best,

    Ken Koppel

    • Gerry says:

      Being in contact with you after all these years is a true holiday gift. One word to describe you when you worked with me: Brilliant. I presume you’ve had a successful career. Your many talents make this an easy guess. All the best to you.You b rought back happy memories. Gerry

  • Amy G Dala says:

    I am a lifelong UWS resident and about ten years your senior.
    I have a questionable memory.
    Today’s question concerns your post from many years ago on the Bretton Woods Rotisserie.
    I recall a place called Williams Bar-B-Q in the Bretton Hall at 2350 Broadway, but no Bretton Woods Rotisserie.
    Somehow this bothers me.
    They could be different places, or one of us could miss remember. I prefer to think of it as a case of parallel universes. Of course, I don’t believe everything I think.
    Any thoughts?

    • Gerry says:

      I think you are right about Williams Bar-b-Q. My wife and I always called it the “Bretton” because of the location. Your memory is not “questionable.”

    • Gerry says:

      If you are ten years my senior you would be 100. You’re prose is sharp. Marvelous centenarian. It’s the UWS air.

      • Amy G Dala says:

        My mistake. I had the “questionable” memory that you were in your 60’s.
        There has been a different air to the UWS for the last few months. Santa Fe’s is for breathing.
        Since the above post, I found this: 6/27/12

        BTW is the Coyote Cafe still what it was?

        • Gerry says:

          So, you are a young woman. Good. Have many more years. Coyote Cafe has changed. New ownership. Still good. Splendid rooftop for cocktails and casual food. Best Mexican/New Mexican food is at Sazon. Lush moles. I am breathing pure New Mexican air and enjoying life despite Trump and the pandemic tragedy.

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