Paul Freeman

January 16th, 2021 § 0 comments

Paul Freeman, 71, HG’s beloved nephew, is dead. He lost his battle–probably the only struggle he ever lost–with a brutally painful cancer. Thankfully, the pain is over and he rests in peace. HG/BSK watched a Zoom of his funeral and were touched by the unlimited love his family had for him and the grief brought about by his passing. Some 20 years older than Paul, HG knew him since his childhood. Paul went through many stages in his life. A warm and loving person, he was no saint. He had to overcome many challenges. And, he did. His devotion to his family never wavered. HG spent much time with young Paul in New York, New Jersey, Fire Island. Always enjoyed his brave, lively, entertaining presence. As time went on, Paul became a very successful investor and real estate developer. HG invested in one of Paul’s land deals and made a generous profit, of course. Paul was a major investor in the New York restaurants of HG’s daughter, Victoria. She was very fond of Paul and described him as the best investor she ever had. HG presumes Paul wrote substantial checks and then let Victoria do her thing. Very typical of Paul. Mies van der Rohe, the great architect, said “God is in the details.” Paul was obsessive about details. This was evident in all the developments and businesses he was associated with. This obsession created lasting quality. His most ambitious project was the St. Regis Hotel in Atlanta. Many difficulties. Paul overcame them and the hotel is an ornament of Atlanta, the city Paul loved. (And, the apartment in the St. Regis he shared with wife, Viki, can only be described as a high rise palazzo). As HG aged, Paul was concerned about HG’s health. HG relished the sound of Paul’s southern voice as he inquired: “Hey, Uncle Gerry, how are you doing?” Paul and Viki’s philanthropies were generous. Viki was always Paul’s stalwart and supportive wife through many decades of marriage. A gallant woman, HG/BSK knows that she and the Freeman family will cherish Paul’s memory (as will HG/BSK). Typical of Paul and Viki, they visited HG/BSK in New Mexico to celebrate HG’s 90th birthday. Photo is of Paul and Viki with HG on Prince Edward Island in 2018. We consumed oysters, drank wine and had, as always, gleeful family time.

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