Ignore the Lens Louse

January 31st, 2021 § 2 comments

Many decades ago during the infancy of television, journalist HG was employed by International News Service/International News Photos (long absorbed by United Press–thus UPI). For INP, HG wrote a TV news program illustrated by still photos (known as “telops”). Very primitive. TV news improved. “Telops” were gone and HG went on to other news chores. HG got to know many illustrious news photographers. They all had a distaste for “lens louses”, individuals who managed to squeeze into every photo opportunity. Fortunately, when the film went into the darkroom they were cropped out (That is, when they were on the periphery of the photo. Alas, they often managed to weasel their way into the center.) The nutbag fascist who occupied the White House was the ultimate “lens louse.” An egomaniac, he wallowed in publicity. The media thought that he was laughable but his outrageous statements and preening persona made lively copy and TV spots. The media made the loudmouth lying fascist an omnipresent image. It projected him into his “reality” TV show. Okay, he’s gone. Our democracy has survived (barely). My message to the media: Ignore the fascist. He will continue to do and say destructive things in order to get print, internet and TV exposure. Ignore him. Let him wither away in his gloomy narcissistic loneliness.

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