Sensational Short Ribs

January 26th, 2021 § 0 comments

Yes, BSK is a culinary phenomenon. It’s cold and windy (some snow flurries) at HG/BSK’s up-north, oceanfront home on Prince Edward Island.(Borders with USA are closed and HG/BSK await their vaccinations as they stay safe from the pandemic). BSK meets the weather challenges by preparing nightly dinners that warm the body and bring joy to the spirits. Tonight it was savory, lush short ribs accompanied by grits (to soak up the abundant wine scented gravy) and a side dish of sweet peas and mushrooms. In BSK’s trusty Creuset, BSK simmered the short ribs (for hours) in a mix of onions, garlic (much), carrots, celery, red wine (four cups) and a container of pho broth (for a fleeting hint of lemongrass). Drank much Canadian red wine, a lusty beverage that enhanced the robust dish. HG has a question. Why are short ribs so expensive ? Never mind. They’re worth it.

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