Latkes A La BSK

January 1st, 2021 § 0 comments

Many years ago in New York, there was a pleasant restaurant, Swiss Chalet, which served, of course, Swiss dishes. HG ate there often and always ordered “roesti”, Swiss fried potatoes. They came in the form of a lacy crisp (but juicy) pancake. HG judged these the best fried potatoes in the world. BSK brought back their memory on Christmas Eve. While son Jeremy and his family were eating better than Katz’s pastrami at their Freeman Shokudo restaurant in Tokyo and the Riva family was enjoying a Russ & Daughters “Feast of the Seven (okay, five) Jewish Fishes” in New Mexico, BSK made a platter of latkes. Wonderful. Close to “roesti.” The latkes were covered with red salmon caviar delivered by Tastes of the Homeland international grocery in Moncton, New Brunswick. Topped with sour cream and accompanied by icy vodka and Gahan Red Ale, this was a true holiday treat. BSK drank white wine but, being a locavore, soon switched to the Gahan product, artfully brewed on Prince Edward Island.

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