Quirky Grocers

April 11th, 2017 § 2 comments

The Santa Fe grocers are quirky. Products appear and disappear. Staples change location as the grocers are always remodeling. HG was delighted when Trader Joe’s began displaying excellent canned Indian food (paneer and spinach was a big winner as was dal). Suddenly disappeared. When HG inquired, the manager replied that they were so popular that customers stocked up with dozens of cans. Had no idea if those good things would ever reappear. TJ’s bone-in, Frenched pork chops appeared on HG /BSK’s dinner plates frequently. Gone from TJ’s meat section. Whole Foods could always be relied upon for preserved lemons, an essential in BSK’s Moroccan tagines. No more. Gone. Fresh herbs (except for cilantro) can no longer be found at Pojoaque Super Market. Fortunately, it seems as one product disappears, a new delicious treat will take its place (for a time!).

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  • Theoldgringo says:

    Not gonna tell you, Hungry G, what my faves are at TJ’s…you’ll just buy ’em all up. And, btw, when it when will TJ’s ever stock cherry jelly — again?

    • Gerry says:

      Ah, the mysteries of TJ. However, it remains an excellent source of wines in the $7 to $11 range. Plus the ridged salted potato chips. The best.

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