HG is Corrected – Tia Sophia’s Rules !!

July 7th, 2011 § 0 comments

Two spectacular Santa Fe women, Sarah N. and Vicki B., took HG to lunch today At Tia Sophia’s, the Mexican restaurant on San Francisco Avenue. Sarah N. had taken umbrage at HG’s comment in a recent post that Santa Fe Mexican bistros were “too touristy.” So she and her co-conspirator taught HG a culinary lesson.

It was a lesson that HG was happy to learn and he swallowed his own words with joy. Tia Sophia’s was a down home wow. HG had a platter of pork green chile, posole, beans and a cheese enchilada. Everything tasted fresh, authentic — delicious layers of un-pretentious Northern New Mexico flavors. HG’s companions had huevos rancheros and enchiladas topped with eggs. Selfish damsels didn’t offer HG a nibble. The cost? Very very modest.

Tia Sophia’s is opposite the Lensic Theater. Come to Santa Fe and enjoy music, performance and drama at this beautifully restored landmark. And, then tear into some Tia Sophia grub for a perfect evening.

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