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HG grew up in The Great Depression of the 1930’s. In little HG’s home, HG’s Mom made sure no drop of food was wasted. (In those days a penny bought one cigarette or a small handful of pignoli nuts in the shell). When she peeled a banana there was a bit of banana in the tip of the fruit. Mom called it the “crychik” (Yiddish) and squeezed it out and added it to HG’s breakfast of cereal and sliced bananas. HG does the same today, adding the “crychik” to HG’s daily breakfast of yogurt, banana and maple syrup. BSK tosses the “crychik” with the rest of the banana skin. And, that’s the difference between growing up in the 30’s and the more prosperous 40’s and 50’s. HG does not accuse BSK of lack of thrift. Little goes to waste in BSK’s household management and BSK finds bargains galore in everything from snow boots to cosmetics. But, BSK wastes the “crychik.”

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