An HG Food Staple

November 7th, 2020 § 1 comment

Tofu has long been identified with vegetarians and health food addicts. In other words: Sissy food. HG resents tofu slurs. It is a staple of HG’s diet and HG believes its high protein, relatively low cal nourishment has contributed to HG’s (fingers crossed) longevity. Of course, it is BSK’s unrelenting care and devotion that has kept HG alive, alert and mobile. HG’s tofu love was kindled in Vancouver, BC., where for many years HG/BSK occupied a loft and then a townhouse. Upon arrival in that magical city, HG/BSK would lunch on plates of garlic laden spinach and silken tofu at Fortune Garden restaurant. Later, there was Ma Po Tofu at Congee Noodle House and Age Tofu at Japanese eateries. In New Mexico and Prince Edward Island, BSK makes a splendid Vietnamese chicken pho with abundant tofu and Chinese rice noodles. In Santa Fe, HG often lunches at Saigon Cafe: Tofu in beef broth tofu and tofu with chow fun noodles. At home, HG does a quick lunch of firm tofu slices heated in chicken broth and flavored with sesame oil and sriracha. A nice appetizer is sliced avocado and tofu sprinkled with soy sauce. Unlike many foods, tofu is tasty–and healthy.

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  • Jo Ann Brune says:

    Happy 91st, Gerry. Wishing you the happiest of days with your fav nosh and BSK by your side. Warmest regards from a GFPR staffer of yesteryear.

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