Corn Treats

September 5th, 2020 § 0 comments

Sure, buttered ears of fresh corn (Blum’s of Montague, Prince Edward Island, best corn in the universe), are a treat. However, there are a multitude of other ways to enjoy corn. This morning, BSK used much leftover corn for a hearty breakfast of corn pancakes with Candian maple syrup. Warm sun, clear skies, calm sea, pancakes with maple syrup. Perfect way to start another happy day at HG/BSK’s PEI oceanfront paradise. A few more weeks of corn season. HG looks forward to a cod, mussel, bacon chowder replenished with corn kernels. There’s also a Chinese soup of chopped chicken breast, corn kernels and swirled egg HG/BSK might try. And, of course, more corn on the cob and pancakes. Farewell to corn and oysters when HG/BSK return to New Mexico. For HG, there will be a consolation: Green Chile Menudo, the incomparable tripe stew available at El Parasol, the friendly eatery close to HG/BSK’s Jacona home. In HG’s opinion, this spicy wonder is better than French, Italian and Spanish tripe stews. As HG’s New Mexican neighbors might say: “Viva, el Norte !!”.

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