Mother’s Day

May 10th, 2020 § 0 comments

When HG’s children, Lesley and Jeremy, were young, HG denigrated Mother’s Day as one more crass ploy to stimulate consumerism. Over the years, HG has had a change of mind. After all, in this frightening, dismal world of a murderous pandemic and a fascist fool President, why eliminate a day that celebrates motherhood? So, let’s honor BSK. Besides BSK’s almost limitless skills and talents, BSK is the ultimate Mother, a source of comfort, advice, romantic counsel and more (much, much more) for HG/BSK’s children and grandchildren. Fortunately, BSK’s nurturing quality has been extended to HG for almost 57 years of marriage. Without BSK’s constant care and devotion, HG would not be writing this. HG would be a memory.

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