David Tanis

February 2nd, 2020 § 0 comments

David Tanis is one of HG/BSK’s most relied upon cookbook authors (Others include Marcella Hazan, Jacques Pepin, Julia Child and Vikram Vij). Our two wonderful friends and neighbors, Karen K. and Merry C. joined HG/BSK for dinner. Cold New Mexico night. HG made a blaze in the fireplace (Even though the wit, intelligence and humor of Karen and Merry could warm up any room). Dinner theme was Italian so the meal started with mozzarella and tomatoes (Plus a few leaves of endive). Thrifty BSK found lots of wild mushroom for sale at Whole Foods. So, BSK consulted Tanis’s cookbook: “Heart of the Artichoke” and found–voila!!–“Wild Mushroom Ragout with Ziti”. Mushrooms, garlic, oil, butter, sage, thyme, tomato paste, broth from soaking dried porcini mushrooms, onions, red pepper flakes, a dusting of flour. These all went into deeply flavored ragout which was poured over perfectly al dente ziti. Ciabatta and grated parmesan (Just a sprinkle). Wine was a robust Spanish Garnacha. Merry brought dessert: Her frozen lemon mousse with strawberry syrup. Great ending to a classic meal.

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