Asian Food Pleasures

February 24th, 2020 § 0 comments

HG loves Asian food and, happily, BSK has become an expert in cooking some Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean dishes. A few nights ago, BSK cut up some chicken thighs and pan-fried them in a mix of Korean chili paste, Korean chile flakes, onions, and garlic. A fiery and flavorful dish that was very welcome on a cold night. The next night BSK made a dish inspired by her daughter in law, Exquisite Maiko. HG/BSK are fortunate. When Maiko is on Prince Edward Island (HG/BSK’s oceanfront summer paradise), she takes advantage of wonderful seafood and produces exemplary sashimi, tempura, home-made gyoza and other delicacies. Maiko steams sole filets over a bed of spinach and bok choy in a broth enriched with dashi, bonito flakes, onions, garlic and a splash of sake. BSK duplicated the sole dish (with some variations). What made it wonderful (besides BSK’s skills and Maiko’s inspiration) were the thick, firm Pacific sole filets. BSK is very assertive at the Whole Foods fish counter and makes sure every fish, scallop and mussel she orders is as perfect as can be obtained in a landlocked, high desert city. BSK accompanied the sole treat with fluffy rice. Leftover rice was converted into a lush pot of mushroom congee, a breakfast and lunch treat for HG. And, then last night BSK made a steaming pot of comfort: BSK’s improvisation on Vietnamese pho. It involved chicken broth enriched with pho powder, shredded poached chicken, baby spinach, mushrooms, carrot shreds, tofu, garlic, ginger and more. Plus lots of slightly al dente broad rice noodles. Another cold night treat.

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