American Unity

February 4th, 2020 § 0 comments

HG believes the only unifying event in American life is the Super Bowl. Everyone (despicable Republicans, righteous Democrats, undecided and non-voters) all watch. HG/BSK watched the game on television and enjoyed it. Yes, pro football is bad. Veteran players leave the game physically and mentally handicapped. Only recently has the NFL paid any attention to the health and safety of the athletes. A bright note is the emergence of African-American quarterbacks. Mobile, versatile, inspirational and talented, they are revolutionizing the game. Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback of the Super Bowl champs Kansas City Chiefs, proved that on Sunday. Well behind in the fourth quarter, he turned the game around with three scores in six minutes. Wow!! During the game, HG ate plentiful bowls of green chile menudo (bought at El Parasol in Pojoaque, the excellent casual Tex-Mex eatery close to HG/BSK’s New Mexico home. Drank ample tequila and Shiner Bock Beer. The alcohol made HG tolerate (barely) all the military crap surrounding the game. Yes, J. Lo and Shakira are talented. However….

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