Rasoi: Creative Indian Food

January 4th, 2020 § 0 comments

No, Rhode Islanders don’t subsist only on Dunkin’ Donuts (though they eat a zillion); Hot Wieners; Coffee Milk; Del’s Lemonade and Stuffies (a concoction only edible after being dunked in Rhody’s great clear, clam chowder.) Fresh seafood (oysters, clams, scallops, squid, etc.) are very good and prepared skillfully at both Yankee and Portuguese restaurants. There is an abundance of ethnic restaurants (Greek, Peruvian, Mexican, Japanese, Italian and more). An HG favorite is Chonquing House in Providence, an authentic Chinese restaurant. On this wonderful holiday visit with Gifted Daughter Lesley R., her husband, Profesore Massimo R. (who overwhelmed HG/BSK with great wines); beautiful and brilliant granddaughters, Arianna and Sofia, HG/BSK discovered Rasoi, an Indian restaurant in Pawtucket. Wonderful place for a joyous family meal. Rasoi is very innovative and creative. The chefs give the dishes a tweak that makes them soar above the usual Indian restaurant fare. HG’s favorites were the grilled shrimp with spinach and a fabulous vegetarian dish, cauliflower. The description was:”sweet, spicy and golden fried”.It was all of these things. There were exemplary dosas stuffed with chicken and peas; crispy samosas; eggplant (baingan bharta)); Indian cheese and spinach (saag paneer). Adding to the joy was basmati rice, dal and Indian beer. And, the prices are very moderate. HG/BSK will be back.

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