Family, Fun, Feasting. Viva New Mexico!

January 9th, 2020 § 0 comments

BSK’s sister, Noel M., and husband, Yossi M., made a happy stopover at HG/BSK’s New Mexico home on their way to Las Vegas, Nevada. (Hey, there’s a Las Vegas in New Mexico as well, an important town in the early history of the state. It’s the site of a historic hotel, creatively restored). In the gambling and showbiz extravaganza of Nevada’s Las Vegas,Y & N will be staying at their son Erik’s Gladius Ranch. BSK guided Y & N to some of Santa Fe’s great museums and historic areas. An appreciative Noel swam every morning in HG/BSK’s superheated indoor pool. Very comforting in chilly weather. No swimming for Yossi because of minor surgery on an ear lobe. Some of the dinner feasts included a middle eastern chicken dish; Texas chili (fiery and no beans); dinner at Gabriel’s Restaurant in Pojoaque Best guacamole (prepared tableside ); carnitas; sangria and flan. HG/BSK were sad to see Noel and Yossi leave The Land of Enchantment. However, HG/BSK will see them in Prince Edward Island where their Ocean Mist Farm is a verdant delight.

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