Beaujolais Nouveau

January 28th, 2020 § 0 comments

This is a young (first of harvest) French red wine. When the vintage is right (it isn’t always) it’s HG’s favorite wine. It is so drinkable, that it’s easy to overdo. Alas, HG has done this often. Geroges Duboeuf, who died last week, was the French vintner and wine merchant who made the wine an international favorite. A gifted promoter and merchandiser, he made the third day in November (that’s when Beaujolais Nouveau is released) a jolly, bibulous holiday throughout much of the world. In Paris, a sign goes up in cafes, bars, bistros, restaurants, wine shops: “Beaujolais Nouveau est arivee!!” The result is joyous madness throughout the city. Music and song get louder as the night progresses. Many decades ago, HG/BSK were in Paris when the BN arrived. Escargots, leg of lamb, pommes frites, cheese platter. That’s what HG/BSK ate that night while drinking almost two bottles of Duboeuf’s wine (excellent vintage that year). Happily, the 2019 vintage is splendid. We toasted GD’s memory last night. Two sad notes: The passing of a gifted man who enhanced HG/BSK’S lives. Beaujolais Nouveau. is now $11-13 a bottle. Used to be laughably inexpensive. Sigh.

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