Back To New Mexico

January 6th, 2020 § 1 comment

Yes, HG/BSK are back in New Mexico. However, the great food memories remain in HG’s gustatory repository. New Year’s Eve featured a great Armenian (and Middle Eastern) buffet at the home of Ivan and Diane, the much loved Rhode Island pals and neighbors of the Riva family. (Gracious Ivan, who knows much about Scotch whisky, poured HG a superb glass of a rare single malt scotch. An explosion of wondrous flavors). Watched the New Year’s Eve ball drop while enjoying BSK’s delectable “Green Soup”. Once more, the question arose. How can something so delicious be so healthy ? On New Year’s Day the last meal was Italian traditional: Poached cotechino (a large, tasty sausage) and stewed lentils (as a wish for prosperity). When finally back in HG/BSK’s New Mexico home, HG/BSK were overjoyed to see Toby, The Wonder Dog, after HG/BSK’s long holiday absence. BSK prepared a dinner of linguine in a tuna, tomato, garlic, caper, anchovy sauce. With a good bottle of pinot noir, it made homecoming (after a very long day of air and auto travel) very comforting.

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