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December 2nd, 2019 § 0 comments

Wonderful to have Stephanie “Stevie” Pierson with us. Possibly the world’s wittiest woman, she’s the New York-based author of many books, magazine pieces, newspaper articles. Her latest book is “The Brisket Book” containing recipes for the ultimate comfort food. If you enjoy rollicking prose and robust eating, log into Amazon immediately and order this delightful work. Adding to HG/BSK’s holiday pleasures is the presence of Eric Silver, Stevie’s companion. A renowned arts expert and appraiser with years of experience as an antique dealer, you can spot the tall guy on PBS-TV’s “Antiques Road Show.”. Whether examining junk or treasure, his tone is always gentle and courteous. Pre-Thanksgiving dinner featured smoked salmon as an appetizer followed by penne with broccoli (enriched with mozzarella, chopped Kumatoes and parmesan). Stevie and Eric explored Santa Fe and brought back exquisite cheese (goat brie and dolce gorgonzola), a crisp baguette and a size XL bottle of Tito’s Vodka. The cheeses (with a dollop of New Zealand honey) made a fitting dinner climax. Stevie and HG poured the vodka for their pre-dinner cocktails. The darling woman also joined HG in after dinner snifters of fabulous Hibiki Suntory whiskey (a generous gift from Atlanta’s Viki Freeman). Since BSK does not drink spirits (but does drink copious amounts of wine), HG finds it enjoyable to have a sprightly drinking buddy like Stevie.

Two glasses of whiskey on the rocks on a wooden table

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