Wet, Nasty And Long

November 1st, 2019 § 1 comment

BSK never complains. BSK is best long distance automobile driver. BSK drives to and fro from New Mexico to Prince Edward Island. That’s six days of driving. Won’t let HG drive though the old guy has been driving for 40 years. Says HG’s driving makes BSK nervous. Oh, well. Four days of motoring from Providence to New Mexico was wearing on BSK’s eyes and nervous system. Driving rain (plus fog patches) lasted for days and the abundance of trucks interfering with visibility made driving very treacherous. Of course, as always, BSK met the challenge. But, BSK was quite relieved by roads drenched in sunshine on the last leg of the homeward journey from the Texas Panhandle to Santa Fe. Tyler’s Barbecue in Amarillo, Texas, has expanded but is still producing top-flight ribs, brisket and pulled pork. HG/BSK could barely finish the huge portions. Toby, The Wonder Dog, scored some brisket. Arrived home safely and supped on chicken soup and minestrone provided by HG/BSK’s thoughtful pal,Vicki B.

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