Paul & Vicki Part Two: Wildlife

November 5th, 2019 § 0 comments

Wild life excitement during Paul and Vicki Freeman’s visit. BSK heard Toby, The Wonder Dog, barking loudly near BSK’s studio building on HG/BSK’s New Mexico compound. BSK heard a critter rustling around a corner. It appeared. At first, BSK thought it was a kangaroo. That’s because of the enormous ears. Nope. It was a Black Tailed Jack Rabbit. Biggest rabbit with the biggest ears anyone’s ever seen. Madness ensued. Toby chased the swift rabbit. Round and round the fenced-in acreage they sped. The giant rabbit bumped into BSK and almost knocked her over. Paul and BSK tried to capture Toby so Big Bunny could go his/her way. Finally succeeded. BSK carried exhausted Toby into the HG/BSK home. As night fell there was no sign of Big Bunny. Escaped to startle other folk.

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