Paul & Vicki Part Three: Ultimate Gifts

November 9th, 2019 § 0 comments

Paul and Vicki Freeman’s New Mexico visit was marked by their extraordinary generosity (Paul is HG’s nephew). Gifts galore. For BSK there were excellent wines (curated by Vicki) plus a magical shower oil that leaves skin feeling like silk. Recognizing HG’s upcoming 90th birthday (Nov. 9), P. and V. gave Birthday Boy two gifts that scaled the heights of taste and luxury. A Peter Millar shirt/sweater that enfolded HG in soft, warm pleasure. (Warning: If you want to emulate, please note that Peter Millar isn’t a bargain bin). There was also a startling revelation. A beautifully designed bottle of Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky. Suntory describes it as: “A meticulous blend of the finest selection of whiskies.” Forget Scotland. Forget Kentucky and Tennessee. Japan crafts the ultimate whisky and this Suntory gift is the best Japan has to offer. How can HG describe the taste? Let’s just call it liquid gold. HG will, with gratitude, sip it after dinner every night. The P. and G. visit ended with a robust meal at The Compound restaurant in Santa Fe. Tuna tataki, grilled sea scallops, quail, wild mushrooms, polenta, a juicy pork chop, a tower of fried onion rings. Icy vodka and a pleasant bottle of Beaujolais Fleury. Sweet ending of the meal for HG: large portion of dark chocolate and coffee ice cream. The Paul and Vicki visit produced many joyous memories.

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