Versatile Cod

October 10th, 2019 § 0 comments

Yes, cod is a very versatile fish. Tasty when fried, roasted, steamed. Wonderful as an ingredient in chowders, brandades and a host of other savory treats. There’s fresh cod and dried cod (“baccala”). HG prefers fresh with the exception, sometimes, in brandade. Cod is important in history. “Baccala” allowed for long sailing journeys as ship crews now had a reliable source of protein that would not spoil. Cod liver oil, despite little HG disliking the spoonful he was fed each morning by HG’s late Mom, was a significant nutritional supplement. One of HG’s favorite cod dishes is baked cod done in basque or Provencal style. BSK made the dish a night ago and it brought warmth to a cold, rainy, windy Prince Edward Island day. Happily, BSK saved a half pound of the fresh cod for crisp and juicy fishcakes last night. BSK constructs them with the right balance of fish, PEI potatoes, panko, etc. Here’s how she does it. Poaches cod in white wine and clam broth. Boils potatoes. Removes spuds when done. Retains fish broth. Mixes potatoes (crushed) with chopped onions, a bit of garlic, Spanish pimenton, dill, and parsley. Moistens with broth and adds flaked fish. Crunches it all together with a beaten egg and broth. Forms mix into thick patties and rolls them in panko. Into a pan of sizzling canola oil. Result is crisp, juicy wonders. The accompaniments were chopped salad (turnips, radishes, fennel, scallions); the last of BSK’s home grown cherry tomatoes to be dipped into sea salt. And, best of all, Prince Edward Island mustard pickles. Pure, organic and one the best condiments in the world.

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