Tony’s Seafood

June 2nd, 2019 § 0 comments

Tony’s Seafood in Seekonk, Ma. (just over the border from Rhody) is one of the great seafood retailers. Sparkling fresh fish, shellfish and crustaceans. Fine prepared sauces and salads. In addition, there is a carefully curated selection of wines, pastas and condiments. The owners are a Sicilian fisherman family that arrived in Rhode Island in the 1900s. The retail store opened in 1947 followed by a thriving wholesale operation. Family owned. Family operated. Service is warm, friendly and informative. For the last days, BSK and gifted daughter Lesley R. have been building meals around Tony’s sea scallops. They are big. Super fresh and juicy. (HG has posted about their use in a savory chowder). Besides the chowder, HG/BSK and the R. family have enjoyed sauteed scallops atop fresh greens and accompanied by creamy polenta. Also, in a pasta enriched by fish stock, onions, garlic and herbs. Yes, HG/BSK can obtain tasty scallops harvested off the Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia shores. And, in Santa Fe, Whole Foods carries tasty (super, super expensive) sea scallops. But, none of these bivalves compares to Tony’s wonders.

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