Epic Atlanta Wedding

June 6th, 2019 § 0 comments

Last weekend, HG nephew Paul Freeman and wife Vicki celebrated the marriage of their youngest daughter, Staci, to Jack Spangler. The festivities were epic. Made coronations and state dinners look a bit shabby. The site was the St. Regis Hotel in the stylish Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. Paul, a daring and successful real estate developer, built (and sold) the luxurious hotel (site of one of Atlanta’s best restaurants). Floors of condominiums (also developed by Paul) top the hotel. Paul and Vicki occupy the entire 25th floor. The apartment is a virtual European palazzo. with glorious views of the entire city. (Superlatives don’t come close to describing the space, wine storage, comfort and luxury). And, they have the advantages of the hotel’s pool and spa. Plus room service, HG presumes. Atlanta’s airport is huge. However, due to Paul’s planning, HG/BSK’s arrival was flawless as HG/BSK were whisked to the wedding rehearsal dinner hosted by the Spangler family. Site was a brewery and some 100 guests feasted on down-home barbecue, macaroni and cheese, etc. HG/BSK slept peacefully in a royally appointed guest bedroom in the Paul/Vicki palazzo. Pleasant coffee and yogurt breakfast. Then off to an hour of cycling and weight exercise in the hotel fitness center. Among the pre-wedding activities: Makeup professional enhanced the faces of the female wedding guests; family photos; signing of traditional Jewish documents outlining the responsibilities of the marital couple. The wedding itself was a spectacle. Magnificent floral arrangements. Beautifully decorated “chupah” (the arch that houses the exchange of vows and Rabbinical invocations). Given the ecumenical nature of the event, a Priest also participated. Staci, of course, looked beautiful. Jack, a handsome young man, was properly serious. Most moving moment: Paul wiping away tears of emotion as he walked Staci to the “chupah.” HG was provided with a vodka on the rocks since the wedding took place at HG’s usual cocktail hour. Following the ceremonies, folks descended upon a buffet of sushi and sashimi. Waitpersons dispensed very good beluga caviar. The beverage, naturally, was champagne. Then, into the ballroom for dinner, music and dancing. Once more, the flowers and lights were dazzling. Dinner was served from a buffet and the choices were happy ones. Sea bass. Vegetarian. Cold seafood. Lobster. Prime rib. HG drank much white wine and relished the cold seafood. Went back for seconds (and thirds) for oysters, shrimp and crab claws. HG’s dream dinner. Many joyous moments for HG/BSK. Happy reunions with HG’s niece, Melanie, and husband, Rick; HG niece Laurie, and husband, Bob; HG cousin, Freeman Shore. Plus grand-nephew, Adam Freeman and family. Adam has turned into a successful businessman with a loving family. A real “mensch.” Also enjoyed chatting with Lianne, P. and V.’s eldest daughter, and her male companion. No, HG wasn’t the oldest person in the room. That was Millie West, 100, Vicki’s Mom. Tablemates included HG daughter, Victoria Freeman, and husband, Marc Meyer (the renowned New York restaurateurs approved the cuisine); HG’s Boston nephew, Jonathan Katz (a successful real estate owner/manager), wife, Barbara, and children, Nicola and Alexander. Barbara is a particular favorite of HG/BSK (and the Riva family of Rhode Island). Barbara is svelte, ageless. Her taste is flawless. Always dressed, with restraint, in designer fashion. What makes her both lovable and annoying is the fact that she can consume a lot of food and not gain an ounce. To the delight and bemusement of the dinner group, Barbara secured from the buffet an 18-inch rib bone which she gnawed happily “It’s the best part,” she said. The music rocked. Back up singers (and dancers) were lovely and talented. Wedding guests danced with abandon. The traditional hora (to Hava Nagilah) was spirited. To sum up: A wonderful spirited and spiritual event, planned, orchestrated and choreographed with great attention to detail by Paul and Vicki. (the party extended into the next day with a delicious brunch). A costly affair, yes, but it was much more than that. It exemplified Paul and Vicki’s generosity and hospitality; their love of family; their commitment to Jewish life in the United States and Israel; their belief in marriage. And, of course, they value friendship. So, thank you, Paul and Vicki. HG/BSK send you our love and appreciation.

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