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Yes, that’s how old HG will be on Nov. 9 (if luck holds out). Thoughtful Atlanta nephew Paul Freeman inquired if any event is planned. No. However, BSK, the loving, creative, capable wife of almost 56 years (July 2 is the anniversary) has kept HG alive and arranged the perfect 90 years birthday gift: One week in Vancouver, B.C., HG/BSK’s favorite big city. BSK secured a luxurious apartment with water views and building amenities including swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center. With BSK’s collaboration, HG will dine on Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese and Indian food. Vancouver is the most Asian city in North America and the food celebrates diversity. (HG will post full reports). HG is surprised at reaching such an august age. COPD (Thanks to 50 years of smoking and inhaling Marlboros,Gauloises, Gitanes and Punch Dark Maduro leaf cigars. ) hampers some of HG’s activities. But, HG gets great pleasure from New Mexico and Prince Edward Island. And, there’s the delights of being still in love with BSK. Much family pleasure from daughter Lesley R. and husband, Massimo; SJ and Exquisite Maiko, dazzling chef/wife; HG’s generous daughter, Victoria Freeman, and husband/chef, Marc Meyer, the great New York restaurant team. And, the array of wonderful grandchildren: Arianna and Sofia R. (now grown up with A. in her own loft/apartment and S., a recent graduate with honors from Columbia. Big Boy Haru and Teru, the glittering bundle of cuteness, will leave Tokyo and accompany SJ for a month stay (August) in Prince Edward Island. Maiko may not be able to leave her chef job. (No tempura or shumai, sob, sob!).! Yes, life’s good. Ninety is a lot but greedy HG wants more.

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