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Tecolote is a Santa Fe restaurant beloved by folks who like to eat large. Portions are big. Sauces are poured generously (the green chile is a fiery wonder). Everything is accompanied by a basket of scones and muffins with lots of butter and high-quality jam. Coffee cups are never left empty. The hearty Mexican and Tex-Mex dishes are done right. Tecolote does wonders with eggs (there are some 20 egg dishes on the menu). The restaurant was on Cerillos Road for many years but moved to St. Michael Drive recently. Larger space and added a dinner menu with upscale “gourmet” dishes (HG/BSK haven’t had dinner there but have heard good reports). HG/BSK had to be in the St. Michael area this morning for automotive services. Cups of tea for breakfast (appetites saved for a Tecolote brunch). BSK ordered a giant breakfast burrito (a tortilla rolled and stuffed with scrambled eggs and ham, topped with cheese and smothered in green chile sauce). Thinly sliced and gently fried potatoes flanked the burrito. BSK managed to finish about 80% of the dish. Super Trencherwoman. HG had scrambled eggs with cheese and green chile sauce (snitched a few of BSK.s potatoes). HG likes scrambled eggs (and omelets) cooked very, very, very soft. (the French ask for their omelet to be “baveuse”, translated as “oozing.”). The chef followed HG’s request and the result was a big plate of the best, lush, spicy and fiery eggs ever. The menu indicated two eggs but the chef must have thought HG was undernourished. It looked as if he scrambled three or four eggs. You won’t go away hungry from Tecolote.

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