Exotic Diet

March 4th, 2019 § 0 comments

HG will be 90 (hopefully) this year and weighs 159 pounds. This is what HG weighed at age 20. Of course, never the tallest guy in the class, HG has shrunk vertically during HG’s very senior years. The big weight loss took place over the last 14 months. The secret: HG ate exactly 1/2 as much as HG typically did. HG maintains this weight with a rather eccentric diet that may not work for most people. Nespresso lungo upon awakening. This is followed by Chobani fruit yogurt (HG adds a dash of maple syrup) and two cups of cafe latte. (Consumes a total of twelve vitamins and medications). Lunch is either congee or ramen. These are prepared from dry packaged ingredients (Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Thai). HG throws away the “flavor” packets included and uses sesame oil and hot sauce instead. (the “flavor” packets contain a ludicrous amount of salt). HG adds tofu to the ramen. Tofu is healthy (much protein) and HG likes it. Twice a month HG splurges and visits nearby El Parasol restaurant for delicious but high cholesterol menudo. Pre-dinner drink of chilled wine or a bourbon Negroni. Dinner consists of one of BSK’s wonders, albeit smaller portions — no seconds or thirds. There’s an emphasis on fish and chicken. Not much red meat but inventive pasta dishes. Vegetables and salads. Occasional eggs (omelets and Israeli shakshuka). HG dips almond biscotti in the last of HG’s red wine. No dessert for svelte BSK. HG sips a rather large snifter of bourbon while viewing a Netflix movie or documentary. Before bedtime, HG swallows a pill with spoonfuls of salt caramel ice cream. Yes, this is a New Mexico diet with an abundance of alcohol and a civilized amount of calories. However, the old guy feels good and will make (later than sooner, HG hopes) an attractive corpse.

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