The Wonder Dog Wanders

February 7th, 2019 § 0 comments

Anxiety. Tension. Grief. These were some of the emotions that swept through HG/BSK a few nights ago. Toby, The Wonder Dog, had disappeared. Usually, he romps on HG/BSK’s verdant New Mexico five acres (entire perimeter is fenced). Like clockwork, Toby appears at the front door of the HG/BSK home between 4:30 and 5 PM, vigorously barking for dinner. But, this evening there was no Toby. Thorough search (joined by pal/casita tenant Bob. C.). No Toby. BSK, in BSK’s auto, searched nearby roads and the neighborhood. No sign of The Wonder Dog. As hope receded (HG was about to get tearful), Toby appeared at 7 PM. Nonchalant, happy and hungry. So, where had he been? Subsequent search the next morning revealed a hole in the fence at the south end of HG/BSK’s properly. BSK and Bob C. did the necessary repairs. HG calmed down with a vodka/Campari on the rocks. First vodka in months since HG has been in the grips of dread moderation.

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