Santa Fe Dining Mystery

February 6th, 2019 § 0 comments

Lots of dining diversity in Santa Fe. Yes, a stunning number of Mexican/New Mexican/Tex-Mex restaurants doing splendid things with green chile and other peppers ranging in heat from numbing to hot. There are more than a dozen high-end restaurants serving French, Spanish, Italian, and locavore specialties. A good Indian restaurant, Paper Dosa. Central American joints serving pupusas. Japanese sushi bars galore. Nice Vietnamese (Saigon Cafe, an HG favorite). A quasi Noo Yawk corned beef and pastrami deli. Vegetarian (feh!!) places. But, here’s the mystery. There are no top flight Chinese restaurants. HG has always believed that if there’s a Chinese population and/or a Jewish population, there are good Chinese eateries. Santa Fe has a negligible Chinese population. The beautiful, art-filled town isn’t exactly a hangout for Hassidim. However, there are plenty of Jews (two synagogues thrive). So, what’s gone wrong?

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