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Hungry Gerald followers have been concerned about the guilty dog illustration accompanying “The Wonder Dog Wanders” post. HG’s editor and illustrator is SJ, an adroit and creative resident of Tokyo. His use of the downcast pooch led folks to worry about the whereabouts of Toby, The Wonder Dog. Cease worrying. Toby is alive and well. Below is a photo of The Wonder Dog after his return. Another clarification. In a recent post about Rhode Island cuisine, HG denigrated Rhody clam cakes. Gifted daughter Lesley R., knowledgeable about the Ocean State, pointed out clam cakes are served with Rhody clam chowder (the best of all chowders). They are used to soak up the briny broth. After the absorption, the clam cakes are tasty. Lesley R. also noted that HG omitted celery salt from the ingredients of “All the way” New York System Wieners. HG/BSK will be in Rhody this spring. HG will enjoy a favorite meal: Oysters and clams on the half shell. Rhody clam chowder. Fried calamari with hot peppers. HG might dip a clam cake in the chowda.

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