BSK to the Rescue

February 12th, 2019 § 0 comments

HG is very fond of ramen, the savory Japanese noodle soup. HG becomes mad with appetite and envy when he reads Son Jeremy’s blog, SJ resides in Tokyo with his family and often writes about ramen and other moderately priced, extraordinary meals he enjoys in that wondrous food (and drink) city. By the way, it isn’t nepotism when HG states forthrightly that contains the best writing about Japanese food and the Japanese culture you have ever encountered. Santa Fe, where HG lives, has some good Japanese sushi bars. Shoho Cafe, HG’s favorite, has tasty unagi and (for a landlocked city) very edible sashimi. Their tempura is outstanding. They also serve ramen. Unfortunately, it’s second rate. There was a foreign foods market, Talin, that had a pleasant ramen bar. Closed. In 2011, a very talented (and slightly dictatorial) chef named Eric Stapelman opened the upscale Shibumi Ramenya. HG delighted in the ramen, gyoza, and other treats. However, after some months he closed the place and moved it to Seattle. HG was almost tearful. Last night, BSK chased away HG’s ramen blues. BSK found some presentable ramen broth at Whole Foods. BSK added to the steaming broth a hearty group of ingredients: Whole wheat udon noodles; tofu; ginger; slivers of ham and sweet onion; baby spinach; scallions; basil, mint and other fresh herbs. HG poured sesame and chili oil into HG’s bowl. No, this wasn’t traditional ramen but it was very welcome on another cold New Mexico night. (Spring, Spring, come early, please!!!).

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