Steak A La BSK

January 29th, 2019 § 0 comments

BSK has an innovative method of pan broiling steak for HG/BSK’s infrequent red meat meals. BSK uses an old cast iron pan, weathered and seasoned by many years of use. The pan is pre-heated to a high temperature. The room temperature New York Strip (Whole Foods, BSK’s source for beef and chicken) sizzles and sears in the hot pan. Then, BSK BSK turns the heat a point between medium and high. BSK then begins turning the steak over, letting it cook for no more than forty seconds on a side. The result is the best steak ever. Rare for HG. Medium rare for BSK, The steak is nicely browned but not charred. BSK believes cooking steak at sustained high heat results in a charred piece of meat. And, char is almost pure carbon and not good for you. Many New York steak houses melt butter over the steak but HG prefers heated olive oil flavored with lightly browned garlic HG’s side dish is canellini beans heated with oil and garlic (yes, HG is a glutton for garlic). No beans for BSK, but HG is happy to share BSK’s endive salad with a blue cheese vinaigrette. Malbec, Cahors, Beaujolais or any other potent red wine is the chosen beverage. (The mystery of this meal is BSK’s impeccable timing which remains a secret known only to her).

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