Osso Buco Encore

January 3rd, 2019 § 0 comments

HG has made HG’s followers envious with HG’s description of the wondrous Osso Buco Christmas Day dinner prepared by gifted daughter Lesley R.. Ah, Christmas at the Rhode Island home of Lesley, husband Massimo and daughters, Arianna and Sofia, captures all of the joy of family life. For many families, HG has observed over the years, buried hostilities emerge at holiday gatherings. Not when HG/BSK’s family gathers. Just warmth, love (great dining and presents galore).The only thing missing was the presence of HG/BSK’s son, Jeremy; his wife, Maiko (gifted chef and diminutive dynamo); Tall and handsome son, Haru; adorable daughter, Teru. Face Time was a blessing. Truly a miracle. HG thought HG had made a forlorn farewell to Osso Buco. Fortunately no. For HG/BSK, last Rhode Island dinner before traveling back to New Mexico, was pappardelle with a sauce of left over Osso Buco. Best ever use of left overs.

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