Old Age. Rage. Betrayal of Jesus Christ.

January 7th, 2019 § 0 comments

Venerable HG has now entered HG’s 90th year on Earth (a planet soon to be destroyed by fossil fuels and the profits they create for the few). There are upsides to extreme old age. Perspective. Wisdom (?). Renewed love of animals and living things (stimulated by companionship with Toby, The Wonder Dog.) Intense love for BSK (best woman in the world) and HG’s wonderful family of talented, beautiful, spirited individuals. This is a family defined by sheer goodness and kindness with an unremitting hatred of racism, despotism, greed, violence, stupidity. (And, since these children and grandchildren have been influenced by HG/BSK, they will not tolerate bad cooking). Downsides to old age. Won’t bore you with an endless list. Finale: A visit from the Moloch Hamoves (The Angel of Death). However, capacity for rage has not been blunted. HG is furious about the betrayal of Jesus Christ by all Americans who consider themselves Christians living in a nation (allegedly?) guided by Christian religious values. And, founded on a mix of Christian and Enlightenment beliefs.HG is an atheist and humanist. Nevertheless, HG admires Jesus. HG considers JC one of the many Jewish prophets wandering the wilderness of his day and thundering a variety of messages. HG thinks of JC as a very strange mix of Jews: Alan Ginsberg, Noam Chomsky, Lenny Bruce and Bernie Sanders (Okay, now you can make your own pastiche.). The big difference is that JC attracted a following that was transformed by his message of universal love, care for the very least humans, contempt for the rich, hatred of religious authorities who would profit from believers. And, now we’ve got America and Mexico. Trumperica has waged a war on people who want a better life for themselves and their children. Tear gas. Children ripped from their parents. Discrimination against people with dark skins. Troops and helicopters galore. And, no apologies for border “deterrence” policies that has left more than 6,000 migrants dead along the Mexican/American borders between 2000 and 2016. Many more thousands have been reported missing. Many have never been reported at all. And, now America has the craziness of the needless five billion dollar “Wall”. The Trumperer has closed down the government. Feeling the blow the most are “the least among us” –families on food stamps. Every value of Jesus Christ is being betrayed. Where is the outcry from American Christians? There is none. Sad indeed, after the season following Christmas. Pope Francis seems to be a lone Christian voice. HG quotes from an article in New York Review of Books by Francisco Cantu: At a small Italian island, Lampedusa, some 70 miles from Tunisia the Pontiff delivered a homily (Some 20,000 migrants have died in the sea trying to reach the island). “These brothers and sisters of ours were trying to escape difficult situations to find some serenity and peace; they were looking for a better place for themselves and their families, but instead they found death. Has anyone of us grieved for the deaths of these brothers and sisters? Has any one of us wept?”

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