Maiko Meal in the Southwest

January 24th, 2019 § 0 comments

HG/BSK’s daughter-in-law, Maiko Sakamoto Freeman, is exquisite, graceful, diminutive. Surprisingly strong for her size. She is a professional chef and the best (BSK is #2) home cook HG has ever encountered. Maiko has beguiled HG/BSK with her incomparable gyoza, tempura, soups and stews. Oxtail soup a la Maiko banishes winter. When on Prince Edward Island during the summer, Maiko challenges heat waves with soba noodles in ice cold broth. This is accompanied by seafood and vegetable tempura. Superb. Despite chilly weather, HG/BSK tried to duplicate the dish. The broth was one part soba noodle soup base (Shirakiku brand) to three parts ice water. BSK cooked the noodles (al dente) and mixed the broth. HG did a quick fry of one pound of Pacific sole from Whole Foods. Noodles went on the bottom of the bowl. Broth was poured over according to the diner’s discretion. Topped with thin strips of nori. Jar of wasabi on the table. Bite of hot fish. Spoonful of cold noodles and broth. Sips of white wine made this dinner of hot and cold a revelation. Thanks, Exquisite Maiko.

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