Football Fun

January 5th, 2019 § 0 comments

As 2019 rolls around, HG has a grand time watching much college football. The Bowls provided lots of action. HG is not nostalgic about football heroes of the past. Today’s players are faster, bigger and more skilled. The quarterbacks are extraordinary. Zac Taylor of Oklahoma is an HG favorite. A bravura performer. Ohio State (which BSK attended before graduating with honors from Hunter College in New York) beat Washington in the Rose Bowl. Brought back a happy memory. Many years ago HG/BSK had financial problems. Desperate HG placed a big bet on the Buckeyes. If memory serves, Ohio State was behind at the half but won with many scores in the second half. HG/BSK surged to financial solvency. Comfort food at dinner. BSK’s Ma Po Tofu and Chinese rice noodles. Lots of red wine. Warm slumber beneath a mountain of sheets, duvets and blankets.

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