Ungrateful (And Thoughtless) HG

November 30th, 2018 § 0 comments

Thrifty and inventive BSK is delving into the substantial amount of food in HG/BSK’s freezer to cook delicious dinners. Kind and loving BSK makes an effort daily (with no help from HG) to make food that is delicious and that can be swallowed with ease by HG whose throat is constricted by cancer surgery 26 years ago. So, last night BSK removed frozen cod filets from the freezer and made an exuberant pan of cod, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, white wine, capers, Spanish chorizo, olive oil and an array of herbs and spices. Everything was tasty except for the cod. HG found it tough, stringy and hard to swallow. Not like the fresh cod BSK usually cooks that fall into soft petals of fish goodness at the touch of a fork. HG criticized the frozen cod forcefully. This was a display of ingratitude and thoughtlessness. After all, BSK had worked hard on this dish with the aim of pleasing HG. BSK’s feelings were hurt and she protested that the frozen cod was excellent and very edible. Apologies to BSK, a splendid cook and the love of HG’s life.

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