Cancer?? Nope, Thankfully.

November 25th, 2018 § 0 comments

X-rays on Prince Edward Island and Santa Fe revealed a spot on HG’s lung. Susan P., HG’s pulmonary doctor in Santa Fe, directed HG to a CT-Scan at Santa Fe Imaging. As someone who was a heavy smoker from the age of 13 to 63 (smoking ceased due to throat cancer and miracle surgery plus a year long recuperation), HG approached the procedure with some foreboding. Certainly, lung cancer was a probability despite HG being smoke free for some 26 years. (Praying that SJ is cured of nicotine addiction). Results came in today after one week of waiting. Happy news. Spot was a scar from a previous bout of pneumonia. No sign of cancer. Celebration lunch with pal Robert C., an HG contemporary (almost) with years of colorful experience as journalist, publisher, columnist, US Senatorial press secretary, communications expert. Off to El Parasol. Big bowl of green chile menudo for HG and a giant carne adovado burrito smothered in green chile for Robert. Norte Nuevo Mexico pleasures. Tonight, HG plans to drink some potato vodka (has ignored the stuff for some weeks), make a pot of beef broth Pho filled with udon noodles, bok choi, mushrooms, onions, herbs, sesame oil and fiery chile oil. Will watch “Better Call Saul” on Netflix (no ads). HG has much to be thankful for. Of course, HG’s principal blessing is the love of HG’s life, BSK. The wonderful woman spent the week waiting for CT-Scan results offering HG reassurance, warmth and love.

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