Whiskey, Vodka, Etc.

July 3rd, 2018 § 0 comments

In his novel, “By Love Possessed, James Gould Cozzens described whiskey as “the old man’s friend.” At age 88 (89 in the autumn), HG agrees. However, HG has many other alcoholic pals that enhance HG’s pre-dinner, dinner and post dinner routine. HG does not drink anything alcoholic before 6PM. The exception is lunchtime in Paris. Restaurant luncheon cartes in that city are much more modestly priced than those in the evening. Therefore, HG accompanies his Parisian lunches (modern inventive or classically traditional) with ample wine. HG combats the wooziness that usually accompanies a bibulous luncheon by espressos and as much walking as the old fellow can accommodate. At home in New Mexico or Prince Edward Island, HG defies the health police and moderation counsellors by relishing boozy evenings. Bloody Mary (generous pour of vodka) at six. White wine, if having oysters or other seafood appetizers. With dinner, red wine (from Chile, Argentina, Spain or California). Marc, bourbon or Canadian rye after the meal. Sometimes brandy enhanced by Peychaud’s Bitters. Is HG shortening HG’s life by alcoholic excess? Possibly. But, the pleasure negates the risk.


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