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In Britain, crackers are called biscuits. Potato chips are crisps and French fries are chips. Crackers. Biscuits. Whatever. HG likes them. Ritz crackers are a favorite. They accompany HG’s softly scrambled eggs in the morning. They are the base for peanut butter and jelly. HG’s Mom always served them with bowls of Campbell’s Tomato Soup as a wintry after school snack. The Lord & Taylor department store on Fifth Avenue had a luncheon spot where a large African-American man served bowls of steaming soup with Ritz crackers. HG and gentlewomen were fans. Keebler Town House crackers are HG’s favorite for cheese. They have buttery overtones and they are less filling than bread. Jacob’s Water Biscuits are a splendid import, good with everything. Knowing HG’s tastes, the staff at the El Parasol restaurant near HG’s New Mexico home, always provide HG with extra salted soda crackers when HG orders a favorite bowl of green chile menudo. HG crumbles the crackers into the savory, super spicy tripe stew. They provide a curious, luxurious balance.

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