The Party Of Lincoln?

February 22nd, 2018 § 0 comments

The Republicanazis, devout followers of Der Trumperer, are a slimy bunch. HG, rarely surprised by their nasty conduct, was shocked while watching two Republicanazis comment (on CNN) about the Florida school massacre. The male said the fault was Hollywood’s so don’t attack the NRA. He said Hollywood makes violent movies and that’s the basic cause of school shootings. Well, Canadians watch violent movies, have the usual drug problems, broken homes, etc. Very few mass shootings because they have strict gun laws. Japan, where there are are plenty of violent movies, comic books, etc., has a Samurai tradition and powerful skills at warfare. No mass shootings (police shot a total of six bullets last year). Very, very strict gun laws and annual gun surveillance. The female blamed the Florida attack on the FBI. Called for investigation of FBI plus resignations. No mention of gun laws or the NRA. One would think FBI agents shot those Florida kids.

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