Playoff Food

January 21st, 2018 § 0 comments

HG confesses. The NFL power structure is vile. Brave Colin Kaepernick has been ostracized for expressing his opinion of police offenses against African-Americans. No real protection for players whose continual blows to the head lead to early dementia and death. Nevertheless, HG’s experience as a Bronx sandlot and college football player (a modestly talented halfback on a poor team), makes HG a confirmed fan of NFL playoff football. HG’s sense of morality is (temporarily) abandoned. While watching the TV games, HG indulges in food and drink. These are some of the dishes. Menudo (HG/BSK’s efficient once-a-week housekeeper gifted HG with a big container of this sublime tripe and posole plus green chile stew). Boiled potatoes with onions and sour cream. Congee. Ramen. Icy vodka and beer chasers are the appropriate beverages. HG/BSK watched the Patriots-Titans game in front of pal David F.’s 70inch TV. BSK made a platter of chicken shawarma (crispy middle east chicken) for this occasion. Slightly boring game as Tom Brady performed with his usual artistry. However, all the other playoff games were nail biters. The culmination was the Vikings win on an improbable pass play. Greatest finish HG ever witnessed.

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