On The Road BBQ Surprise

January 1st, 2018 § 2 comments

When traveling the American highways, HG/BSK turn a cold shoulder to the fast food chains with the exception of the famed Waffle House. Instead they look out for determinedly local, idiosyncratic dining spots. At various times, HG/BSK have discovered great Chinese and Tex/Mex cuisine in Phoenix (both spots were plainspoken and unheralded by foodies). A wonderful hot dog joint was a favorite in Colorado. Housed, you guessed it, in a structure shaped like a tube steak. Tyler’s barbecue in Amarillo is a favorite as is a Greek restaurant near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Outside of the Chinese place in Arizona, efforts to eat good roadside Japanese and Chinese food have ended calamitously. Yesterday, while driving Highway 285 en route from Denver to HG/BSK’s New Mexico home, encountered a small BBQ eatery on the road in Fairplay, CO. Sign on the building “BBQ.” No name. Spic and span interior. Hearty woman took the orders. Posole. Pulled pork (Carolina style) sandwiches. Smoky baked beans. Everything was super. Must try the dry rubbed spare ribs next time.

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