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Strolling along the bluff outside HG/BSK’s Prince Edward Island oceanfront home (with Toby, The Wonder Dog), HG noticed a variety of animal droppings from (presumably – HG is no scat expert) the fox, mink, raccoons, weasel, skunk and coyote that abound in PEI. In New Mexico, gophers are an unwelcome presence in HG/BSK’s meadows. Coyotes howl at night. An occasional bobcat is sighted. Big news this summer was the appearance of a black bear moseying around HG’s New Mexico neighborhood. The bruin noshed on the splendid vegetables from the organic farm adjoining HG/BSK’s home. When HG/BSK lived on their lofty horse ranch in the Colorado foothills near Golden and Denver, wild life abounded. Herds of deer would peek in HG/BSK/s kitchen windows. On their annual migration, scores of elk would gather in HG/BSK’s meadow conversing in their strange mewling voices. Coyotes were omnipresent as well as rattlesnakes, bear, raccoons, foxes, bobcats and mountain lions. Plus possums, porcupines, skunks and marmots (making their odd whistling noise). Plenty of field mice kept HG/BSK’s cats busy. No critters when HG/BSK resided in a Denver apartment and a Vancouver loft and town house. During HG/BSK’s years in Montclair, NJ, the duo saw no bears though Montclair old timers recalled bears coming down from nearby Eagle Rock Reservation and strolling the suburban streets. When HG/BSK lived on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, they shared their spacious rent controlled apartments with cockroaches. Efficient BSK would send the pesky little guys to the Roach Motel in the sky without poisoning hubby and kids.

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