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May 10th, 2017 § 2 comments

There was a glaring omission from HG’s recent post, “Thanks Sam”. HG mentioned the careers of fellow members of Hurricanes, SAC., the club of HG’s Bronx youth. Carelessly, HG didn’t mention Lawrence L. Langer. Larry was a special pal of HG’s. A Professor at Simmons College, Boston, for many years until retirement in 1992, Larry is one of the foremost scholars and analysts of the Holocaust. He was the first academic to teach a course on the Holocaust. Among his many books are: “Holocaust Testimonies”, “Admitting the Holocaust”, “The Holocaust and the Literary Imagination”, “Art From the Ashes.” The books have received many awards and Larry has been given honorary degrees from a number of colleges and universities. Larry’s analysis of the Holocaust has been rigorous and dispassionate. He has been skeptical of efforts to deflect attention from the realities of industrialized killing of Jews by emphasizing resistance and rescue. He has challenged the idea that the Holocaust–a mass murder–sanctifies the dignity of the human spirit. Larry established the idea of “choiceless choice” to describe the disintegration of moral reality for concentration camp inmates. Though grim and unsparing, Larry’s books are an essential read if you wish to understand modern history.

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  • Lawrence Langer says:

    Dear Gerald,

    If you are indeed GJ from the Hurricanes, PLEASE contact me!

    • Gerry says:

      Yes, Larry. I am Geejay. Still alive and enjoying life. I gather beautiful Sandy is alive and your wife. Wow. We have much to talk about. We haven’t chatted in some 66 (?) years. Live with Sharon, my wife of 56 years, on Prince Edward Island. Rest of the year in Santa Fe. Better than The Bronx. Will talk to you on Thursday.

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