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Der Trumperer’s draconian immigration policy may put a damper on American diversity. However, diversity of all kinds– human, animal, horticultural –reigns in New Mexico. Coming home last night, HG/BSK were delighted to meet a regal owl perched on an entry post. After surveying HG/BSK for some minutes, the bird spread large wings and flew away. In the morning, HG/BSK found signs of animal diversity in the droppings of bobcats, raccoons, coyotes and gophers. During the day, birds fill the sky and humming birds buzz around BSK’s hanging jars of sugar water. Trees on HG/BSK’s property are turning green and daffodils and tulips are flourishing. Soon there will be peonies, iris, roses and wisteria. Joyous colors and scents. And, of course there is the wonderful diversity of HG/BSK’s neighbors: Hispanic, Native American and Anglo. The Anglos come from many different countries–Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, etc.. Yes, our neighborhood is diverse; but, it takes second place to Vancouver, B.C., where HG/BSK had a part time home for many years. While walking in Stanley Park, HG/BSK would hear almost twenty Asian, African and European languages.

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