Wonderful Women at the Dawn of America’s Crisis

January 22nd, 2017 § 0 comments

What a great day. A day unique in American history. Yes, BSK and all of her pals were in downtown Santa Fe for the Woman’s March (the crowd was beyond all expectations). HG, a bit under the weather, couldn’t attend. Watched the Washington march on TV and was moved by the passion and fiery eloquence of the speakers. HG is convinced that the march isn’t a one-shot. There is real commitment to organize, vote, fight and obstruct this swine who has usurped the Presidency with the help of Putin. Typical of this pig on a day of the largest protest in American history, Mr. Oink launched an attack on the media for underestimating his inauguration crowd. And during his CIA appearance, Piggy characterized his deprecation of the intelligence services as as example of media untruth. Will his attacks on the media go beyond words? Let’s not mince words. Trump is a proto-Fascist. And his “Alt Right” supporters are Nazis. As an American Jew my answer to Trump and his Nazi and dictator pals is: “Never Again.” This is a crisis point in American history. Today was heartening. But, this is just the beginning of a fight to save the American democracy. As, HG writes this, HG is suffering hunger pangs: HG’s dinner preparations are delayed as HG waits for BSK to return from a community meeting. BSK is organizing opposition to electrical towers that would injure the environment, create health risks and despoil religious sites. BSK was at Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” historic moment in Washington. BSK picketed, protested and organized to battle the needless, futile Vietnam War. And, there’s lots of fight and smarts left in BSK. And, she’s not the only one. Get Ready Piggy.



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