Bodega Prime

November 10th, 2016 § 0 comments

The insane election race is done and HG rests in a nest of anxiety and gloom. Thus, it is a joy to find a new, life enhancing restaurant. And, that is what Bodega Prime is all about. Located on San Felipe Road (off Cerrillos) in Santa Fe, Bodega Prime (breakfast and lunch only) is a restaurant, deli and caterer. The space is light and open with views of the kitchen staff preparing the edibles. On the walls are carefully curated kitchen accessories: Cutting boards, knives, salad bowls, napkins, dish towels, etc. (HG/BSK picked up a few things for Christmas presents.)
The food is organic, locavore and creative. Joined for lunch by neighbor Karen K. (The Dessert Queen), all had the pulled pork sandwich, tall glasses of an exceptional fruit drink. Shortbread cookies for dessert. The sandwiches were abundant, underlined by an unusual chutney and made fiery with house made kimchi. HG eyed a couple having appetizing tuna melts. Yes, tuna melts. Not ordinary. Bodega Prime makes a confit of fresh tuna in a flavorful olive oil and spice mix. Must get back to Bodega Prime for breakfast. HG hears the waffles are a special treat.



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